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Featured opportunities

Become an essential part of our volunteer family, taking on various activities to help promote the work of the charity and inspire others to support Royal Voluntary Service.
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Community Companions
Simply being there for someone can make a huge difference. Our Community Companions help people gain confidence and stay connected with others.
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Hospital Trolleys
Our much-loved trolley services deliver newspapers and magazines, snacks and drinks to hospital wards across Great Britain and put a smile on patients’ faces at the same time.
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What would you like to get out of volunteering?

Because we know people are motivated by many different reasons when looking to become a volunteer, you can also filter results so they are more relevant. Simply select as many of the most common reasons that interest you and click the button below.


Help others

You enjoy helping others and having a positive impact on someone’s life.

You may have received this help yourself and now want to give such a gift back or maybe you would like to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Make new friends

You want to make new friends while helping others at the same time.

Whether you may want to build relationships in your community or simply make new friends, you will enjoy the benefits that volunteering can give.

Be part of something

You want to have a regular place to go or a group of people to meet with regularly.

You could join one of our friendly teams volunteering in your local hospital or be a part of one of the hundreds of groups and clubs who are supporting local people in your area.

Make a difference

You want to have more influence and feel like you’re genuinely improving your local community.

As well as helping out in local communities and hospitals, you could set up and lead a group or activity of your choice.

Exercise values and beliefs

You believe people should have more options and control in their lives. You feel that communities shouldn’t allow people to become isolated and we should support our local groups and services. Whatever you choose to do, you will make others feel valued whilst having a real impact in your community.

Learn new skills

You may want to improve your confidence or gain new skills and experience.

Volunteering can be an exciting stepping stone towards the next stage of your career or life whilst giving back to your community.


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